Chair Massage
15 minutes for $15.00 No removal of clothing. You set in a supported position in a chair. A combination of compression strokes on back, arms, hands, head and neck. Great for a first time massage

Deep Tissue Massage
60 minutes for $60.00 For those who over work the muscles and need deep work throughout. Sports blend oils used for more invigoration. For those used to massage on a regular schedule.

Massage for Relaxtion
60 minutes for $60.00 Indulge yourself or a loved one in 60 minutes of pampering. Swedish massage on face, head, neck, arms, legs, feet, and back. Using aromatic oils and meditative music to relax all those small aches and pains. You may want to plan to have someone else pick you up after your massage to maintain the mood of relaxation on your way home.

The In Between
60 minutes for $60.00 For those that are not sure what they need but know that they need relief. Therapist choice as to the type of massage.

Back and Neck massage
30 minutes for $35.00 Neck, shoulders and back. Relief from tension caused by working over a keyboard for hours on end.

Back, Just the Back
20 minutes for $30.00 The ultimate back rub, from shoulders to waist. Diffuse lighting, peppermint oil and soft music enhance this experience.