Trendy Haircuts
Adapting lenghts, textures and style preferences of the changing fashion influence.

Fashion minded Haircolor/Demi-permanent/ Permanent/ Hi Lites/Lo Lites
Demi-permanent, first step to permanent haircolor. No commitment, reflects intensive color and delievers brillant shine.

Permanent color, assures evenly spaced and perfectly balanced color for maxium intensity and excellant wearability. Requires a commitment to maintance.

Hi Lites, achieving the desired lift and tone on natural or tinted hair. Adds variation of color and shine to hair. Maintance requires a commitment.

Lo Lites, rich tones, creating a "sea of beautiful color".
Perfect for a revision of existing haircolor. Maintance required is low.

Texturizing Service for Hair
Developing the structure of the hair through formulas that balance porsity and curl.
Providing superior condition and excellant manageability.
Creates loose or medium waves, giving that been-to-the-beach look.
Or will create a true to rod curl.

Relaxing Services for Curly Hair
Method of retexurizing the hair to reduce the amount of natural wave, frizz or curl. Provides beautiful conditioned results.